Fireflies in Summer

Poem submitted for Children’s Literature assignment. Probably more complex than what the teacher anticipated us to write. Ah well, I like it for what it is meant for.  Quiet years, but they were magical. I hope this captured some of that magic.

Spiraling across the landscape,

Veiled from the summer moon,

Fireflies dance and glisten

To the rhythm of a nocturnal tune.


The sweet smell of honeysuckle

Floats softly in the warm air,

While fireflies dance and glisten,

And alight upon my hair.


I long to catch them in a gossamer web

And set them on the ceiling of my room.

Still the fireflies dance and glisten

Across their nightly loom.


The clouds have cleared and the stars shine,

Casting shadows from the forest’s trees.

Yet, the fireflies dance and glisten

While the wind whispers through the leaves.


Dawn’s rosy fingers touch the horizon.

The land is waking up with the light.

I hope the fireflies will dance and glisten

For me another night.



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