Murder At Sharky Point by David J Rodger – A Review

It was a dark and stormy night on the first of October in the year 2010. The rain was not yet near, but the sky above the house was being torn apart by the fierce lightning. Eight solemn and suspicious individuals became entangled in a thick web of lies and deceit, and murder most foul…

I have always wished to host a murder mystery party, and my first game storyline came from friend and author, Mr. David J Rodger.

Murder At Sharky Point by David J Rodger - A Review


The character invites were placed inside document envelopes, marked with the name of the invitee, and delivered to their hands or left at their desks at work to discover. The rabid responses began to flood in, and the excitement rose to a fever pitch. None of the individuals chosen to participate in this event had ever played a murder mystery party before. I received ecstatic updates on purchases to fulfill the costumes for the characters. I received comments just to say “I can not wait!”

The night arrived. The storm arrived. The players arrived.

Introductions were made to the dinner guests before they were sent off to separate corners around the house to read the rest of the nitty gritty details pertaining to their characters. Their wide-eyed curiosty became replaced with a mischievous gleam as their minds mulled over what they knew and their machinations began to grow.  We were all a little slow to start, considering this was our first attempt at this particular form of role-play for gaming. Then, a magical transformation. One of the investigative agents fell full tilt into his character and purpose, without mercy, and the rest of the dinner guests transitioned into their roles and knowledge with a dangerous ease.

It began in nervous laughter and smiles, and ended with insults flying, seething glances, clenched jaws, and elegant subterfuge.

By the end of the game, they really did not mind who had racked up the most points. All they wanted to know was Who Did It?

Who were the ones responsible? I’m not going to tell you. All I will tell you is that the murderer/s were not discovered this time around.

The players and I all had such a wonderful time, that future Murder Mystery Parties have been planned with other campaigns. But none of us will forget our first time and how Murder at Sharky Point treated us, and will likely return to it with new groups of players in the future. I’m certain this game can only get better the more it is played. There is so much to it to discover that each time through with players will provide more insight into details of the various intrigues.

To any players of role-play, live action or tabletop variety, I would recommend this game. The characters are a delight to get into, the plot keeps you guessing (and squirming), and I can not think of any other game experience I’ve had that was quite like this one.

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