Welcoming Back The Sun

A month has passed and I feel it is time to share a timely update. I had pulled a reading after what had happened a month ago asking “What is ahead of me now because of the choices I have made?”

Like the Spring after a season of Winter, I was greeted with The Sun as my first card in answer. I instantly smiled, cheered. It helped to put things into perspective. Life goes on, and the sun comes back each year chasing away the darkness of Winter. With Imbolc passing now, harkening the beginning of Spring, I find it all very synchronous.

I am eternally grateful for the tireless support of family and friends, near and far, who have been privy to the details, ups and downs, and moods involved in these past few months. Those who have so unconditionally given of their energy and assistance, which is what I see reflected in my second card. The bonds of friendship that have strengthened during this are ones I treasure, again, thank you.

As to the final card, I think I’ve got a long and promising year ahead of me to see what all the future holds. But I look forward to the journey along the way.

A happy beginning of Spring to you all!

Card images used are from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Shadowscapes Tarot which can be found at http://shadowscapes.com/


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