Dreams and Plans: Tea Cottage – Brewing Laboratory

I’ve been in my head quite a bit lately, dreaming, and planning. I’ve wanted a tea garden for quite some time so I can start processing and creating my own blends and such. Sadly I don’t live in an agricultural zone that’s conducive to growing most varieties of Camellia Sinensis (tea plants). The extreme heat, sun, and wind do suck the life out of anything that’s not hardy enough to withstand it. I live in the Sahara sometimes I swear.
If I had a tea garden, I think I’d very much like to build my own little tea cottage. A slightly expanded version of the one pictured below so it would have a kitchen and a cellar. Shelves would be lined with varieties of tea in corked jars. And downstairs, that would be the brewing laboratory for the beer and wine! Muhahaha *ahem* anyways.

First thing for the To-Do list, relocate to an area with grass and trees. Secondly, look into taking up a third job.

Ah well, a girl can ogle wistfully and dream.

Images found here: A Tiny Victorian Cottage


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