A Letter To A Friend

Dear David,

I finally got my passport this year as you were very persistent in reminding me to do, and I finally traveled overseas in what I hope is the first of many more trips to come. I anxiously boarded each plane hand in hand with my husband among a hoard of strangers, some just as anxious or weary and all with their own stories for why they were going where they were going.
What marvelous adventures we had on our trip, so many miles walked, sights seen, food eaten, and fellowship shared. We were all doused in sunscreen to guard against the sunshine in Palma De Mallorca (Spain) with Sharky. We had tapas for the first time, explored old castles, and walked nearly the entire length of the bay of Palma. Learning a Norwegian drinking song while the sangria and stories flowed, our smiles and laughter lighting up the night. You were missed and yet you were there.
We walked along the harbourside in Bristol, feeling the pulse of the city where pavement meets the water. The city holds a calm thrum of life and intriguing tidbits of history. A stop in at Arnolfini, bacon and egg sarnies at the Buttery, three hours spent wandering the S.S. Great Britain, and milk stout and pie at The Grain Barge. Our proper welcome to the city was with OJ in the evenings. We began our first night at The King Bill, sitting and toasting on those dark leather couches by the fireplace. Singing a Norwegian drinking song while cider and stories flowed. We walked three abreast, grinning and taking up the entire width of the sidewalk, while clutching each other’s hands to warm them against the bracing chill of the night air. You were missed and yet you were there.
We walked through Tollymore Forest in Northern Ireland and saw the Book of Kells and old library at Trinity College in Dublin. We made the ascent up to the Acropolis in Athens and roamed through the ancient Agora, and then got happily lost in the winding side streets of the city. We’ve gone swimming in the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. I’ve sailed a ship off the coast of Mallorca. We’ve had cappuccinos in Milan. We’ve gotten sozzled on good Scotch. A silver convertible BMW roadster drove by us as we walked up the avenue of stones at Avebury, where we also watched the sun rise on the Autumnal Equinox and were handfasted by a druid. A circular rainbow appeared outside of my airplane window, it looked like a blue eye following us, as we took our flight back across the Atlantic Ocean. You were missed and yet you were there, sliding on light beams, carried in our hearts and thoughts. I always said you were one of those rare bright souls in a sea of dark, you were also a collector of those souls. I imagined that you tied little strings to those other bright lights and would weave them together like in a tapestry. I like to think that beautiful tapestry of people, of friends connected together, continues to grow tighter and stronger.
Until the next adventure.

Love and light,



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