Dive for Dreams

Too many times I’ve been given the part
As ghost of the last woman in their heart.

How can I compete?
How can I compare
To the dream of a woman
Who isn’t really there?

Fade away then little ghost, just run,
And cast your heart to the setting sun.

Beyond the curve of the earth
Wander adventurers bold,
Who will find there a treasure
Steadfast and finer than gold.


“…Trust your heart
If the seas catch fire
(And live by love
Though the stars walk backward)
Honour the past
But welcome the future…”
Dive for Dreams by E.E. Cummings


Fireflies in Summer

Poem submitted for Children’s Literature assignment. Probably more complex than what the teacher anticipated us to write. Ah well, I like it for what it is meant for.  Quiet years, but they were magical. I hope this captured some of that magic.

Spiraling across the landscape,

Veiled from the summer moon,

Fireflies dance and glisten

To the rhythm of a nocturnal tune.


The sweet smell of honeysuckle

Floats softly in the warm air,

While fireflies dance and glisten,

And alight upon my hair.


I long to catch them in a gossamer web

And set them on the ceiling of my room.

Still the fireflies dance and glisten

Across their nightly loom.


The clouds have cleared and the stars shine,

Casting shadows from the forest’s trees.

Yet, the fireflies dance and glisten

While the wind whispers through the leaves.


Dawn’s rosy fingers touch the horizon.

The land is waking up with the light.

I hope the fireflies will dance and glisten

For me another night.


Lines Written in Fevered Delirium

My eyes are burning orbs
As they frantically trace the dark crevices of this room.
I can feel my heavy heartbeat pulsating in my temples,
Trying to break free from my chest.
My breath escapes in ragged gasps,
As a fiery claw holds it in thrall.
I can see you there in the shadows,
The faint light reflected in your crystalline eyes.
Won’t you cup my flushed cheek in your chilled hands,
Press your cool lips against my fevered forehead?
Still this incessant throbbing that rages in my mind.
Oh, please just breathe an icy whisper against my skin,
And tell me everything is going to be alright.