Lines Written in Fevered Delirium

My eyes are burning orbs
As they frantically trace the dark crevices of this room.
I can feel my heavy heartbeat pulsating in my temples,
Trying to break free from my chest.
My breath escapes in ragged gasps,
As a fiery claw holds it in thrall.
I can see you there in the shadows,
The faint light reflected in your crystalline eyes.
Won’t you cup my flushed cheek in your chilled hands,
Press your cool lips against my fevered forehead?
Still this incessant throbbing that rages in my mind.
Oh, please just breathe an icy whisper against my skin,
And tell me everything is going to be alright.


It’s not real…


What is there left to say that has not

Already been said?

Midnight confessions repeated countless

Times, witnessed by unseen specters.

Phantoms bringing me restless sleep.

Leaving me lost, hopelessly faltering,

And dreaming of you.

"Still Waters" by LA Williams