Whenever I find myself in a relationship with someone and I feel strongly about it, I end up doing a tarot reading. The same thing results every time. I don’t like what I see so I forget about it until down the road it all comes to fruition anyways. I have had a hard time with more classical style decks but found I worked well with Tarot of the Secret Forest by Lucia Mattioli. It feeds into the more intuitive form of reading rather than classical symbols.

The tarot images I will be using below however are by Stephanie Pui-mun Law, her deck does a wonderful job conveying the imagery and meanings I find.
Her website for her tarot and other artwork can be found at

This past year I had been in a relationship, and I loved like I had never loved before. Six months into it things got a little rocky and I tried to end it. He insisted on speaking on the phone and I was charmed and wooed back into his apologizing arms to try again. He would work on fixing what he did that bothered me. Time goes on and we eventually discuss living together. The past four months have been spent preparing for that step. More and more issues continued to crop up during that time and finally culminated into an emotional explosion. After over a year with him I have found out, however charming, that at the core he wasn’t good for me. Everything I’d read into the card reading showed absolute truth and played out in its entirety.

Here is the three card spread I had pulled concerning his personality and the course of our relationship.

Today I’m finally getting back on my feet and finding my calm in the aftermath of the storm. Starting off the new year feeling a little raw but that’s okay. I’ll mend in time. I don’t believe in carrying regrets, and in this I still don’t. I see every individual that crosses your path in life as an opportunity to grow and change.
Something to take with you perhaps.